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The brewery these days

Ferdinand is a traditional Czech brewery, which preserves the regional brewing traditions. The beer goes through a bottom fermentation and the end of fermentation takes place in lager cellars. Our brewery uses only high-quality ingredients, among other our own malt from a unique malt house, that produces over 2 200 tons of malt a year. Not only is this malt used in various breweries and microbreweries in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The famous Bavarian Weyermann malt house distributes our malt all around the world, including the US. Our experienced chief brewer Jaroslav Lebeda oversees the production, working side by side with the manager of the brewery, Mr. Petr Dařílek.


In these days, the brewery produces ten types of beer: a 10 %, 11 % and 12 % light lager, a dark 11 % lager, a semi-dark 11 % lager, a special 11 % lager called Max, a special semi-dark beer Sedm kulí and a 15 % light beer d’Este.


Furthermore, we produce a 10 % and 12 % gluten free beer as well as a non-alcoholic beer. You can also try our raspberry, cola, orange and tangerine lemonades called Ferdináda.


special Premium 12 %