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Why Ferdinand?


10 reasons why Ferdinand is one of the BEST BEERS in Czech Republic


1. We make our own malt in our own malt house, which is one of the only 5 malt houses in Czech republic. We use locally grown barley from local farmers.

2. Our beers are made from local and world known hops from Žatec.

3. Our brewing is still done with the same ingredients and by the same process as 120 years ago.

4. No shortcuts or chemicals being used in production of our beers.

5. History of Ferdinand Brewery is dating back to 1897 when it was built by the most famous person of those times Franz Ferdinand D'Este. At that time our brewery was the most modern brewery in Austro-Hungarian Empire.

6. We have 12 different types of bottom fermented beers, which will surprise even the most picky customers.

7. We guarantee quality of our beers.

8. Ferdinand is small to medium size brewery. We are independent and therefore we are more flexible to distributors than big size breweries.

9. We only make beer in our brewery in Benešov in Czech Republic, so there is no chance of having different tastes of the same beer.

10. For export, we can pasteurize our beers with expiration of 12 months for bottled beer and 6 months for keg beer.


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10 reasons why Ferdinand is one of the BEST BEERS in Czech Republic