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History of the brewery


The very first Benešov breweries were founded around 1495. At that time, families invented their own small homemade breweries. In the same year, a bigger brewery was founded at Konopiště castle, not far from Benešov.


In 1887, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand od Austria bought the Konopiště castle and invested into a city brewery, directly in Benešov. In 1888, the first beer was produced in the new brewery, which was being renovated at that time. The Konopiště brewery was not prospering, and Franz Ferdinand closed it in 1897.


In 1898, the reconstruction of the Benešov brewery was finished. Back then, it used to be the most modern brewery in the Austro Hungarian Empire. A big change came with the first world war. In 1914, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. His unskilled son Maxmilian took over the brewery and the lack of goods and material had a significant impact on the production. In 1917, a unique copper brewhouse was destroyed and used for the arms industry. A new double metal brewhouse replaced it.

In 1921, the brewery was put under state control. The main part of the production consisted of a 10° lager. Later on, a light and dark 12° lager was produced, and from time to time, the brewery came up with a special beer: for example the popular 12° Diplomat beer. In those days, over 300 pubs were serving the beer.


After the second world war, several changes took place. During the communist era, the brewery was renovated again and bought a new vehicle fleet. In the 60s, the fermentation room was reconstructed and the maturation wooden tanks were replaced by modern steel tanks. In the 70s, a new bottling unit was put into use, bottling around 15 thousand bottles per hour. After the Velvet revolution, the brewery was privatized and started a new brewing age, always respecting the original and traditional brewing technologies.


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