Decent number


Decent number - 0.5%
Fermentation: bottom, 1 day
Alcohol content: 0,5 %
Colour: 6–8 EBC
Maturation in cellars: 30 days
Cold hops from it: 30 days
EPM: 6 %
Bitterness: 14 EBU
Availability: bottles 0,5l and 0,33l
KEG barrels 15l and 30l
Ingredients: fresh water, barley malt, two kinds hops, wine yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Where to buy beer from Ferdinand? View the map of restaurants and shops, or visit our brewery store. If you live in and around Prague, we will deliver beer to your door - just use the Ferda home service. Beer from Ferdinand can also be found in selected Albert and Kaufland chains.