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Brewery’s History


Mister Archleb from Kunovice, the lord of Uhersky Brod and Konopiste guaranteed the privilege of brewing beer to the citizens of Benesov. This document from the year 1595 was an law confirmation of common law and ensured that citizens could „have black and wheat malt made and black, old white and bitter beer brew and sell…“ At first, people made their beer at home but later, especially in the 19th century, common civic breweries were built. It was the same in Benesov where the first civic brewery was built in 1872. An owner of manor Konopiste and also an archduke Franz Ferdinand d'Este bought this federal brewery from a join-stock company on 15th May 1897 for 91 000 guldens.


The archduke owned two breweries, one in Konopiste and one in Benesov. In 1897 he built a new brewery factory. This building was carried out according to plans of an construction company Rosenberg from Jihlava and it was one of the most modern, technically and functionally equipped brewery in that time. Its capacity was 60 000 hl and it gave basis to the present Ferdinand brewery in Benesov.


A character which Franz Ferdinand d'Este gave to this brewery in 1897 remains until these days. The same is also the way of brewing which did not change during the last 100 years. It is a classical technology of opened lower fermentation and additional fermentation in lager cellars which is used in Czech countries only and only in some Czech breweries and this makes it unique. Modern methods of brewing are never used, especially not cylindroid-cone-shaped tanks and the beer is not adulterated on desired alcoholic strength with help of HGB system. Because of this procedure, the brewery differs from the others producers of unificated „Euro beer“.


The brewing follows the original formulas and a principle of using the most high quality raw materials – barley malt from our own malt plant where barley is bought from farmers from Benesov surroundings. Hops are from Zatec. They are unique for their characteristics – particularly taste and smell. We have the same high quality demanding on brewer's yeasts and water. The main philosophy of brewery management is to brew the beer from high quality and the best raw materials which is offered in the market because only this attitude ensures an unique taste and sensorial characteristics of Benesov's beer. It is straight beer, typical Czech. The motto „real beer“ in its name is not just a word – it is a law for a malt plant and a brewering house, for all the employees from the brewer to a bottler. Thanks to their experience the fame of 100-year-old technology and human skill can spread.


We believe we have chosen the right way and we thank you for joining us. Do not forget that the real beer is malt, hops and water. Nothing less, nothing more. Typical Czech beer, unpasteurized, unadulterated, unhurried.


The dear Lord provide us with fortune and cheers!




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